Hello everyone! Just want you to know that you can find more recent news (not only from C++/U++ area) on my blog at: http://blog.digitalsoftware.pl


It's been quite a long time since the last news. It doesn't mean this page is dead, I've just been busy with my other projects (see projects/commercial tab). Ultimate Player is still under developement (it's my default music player of course :). New version is going to be released soon (still no video support there, but it can play network streams now, it has also refreshed UI and some useful enhancements (like immediate searching on any list). If you're interested in source code of UP it's now part of Ultimate++ baazar assembly.
I wish everyone exciting and happy new 2010 year!

GridCtrl and DateTimeCtrl are now part of Ultimate++

The most recent sources can now be found in upp svn. However, the major releases will be still public here.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Ultimate Player 1.1 build 121 is out...

Just go to download section and enjoy! Sources will be available soon...

Ultimate Player 1.1 coming up...

New version of ultimate player is under developement. This release will bring features like single instance, system playlists and typical options like repeated and shuffled playing, files associations etc. Here is a screenshot...

Welcome on new page

This is the new page of Digital Software company. Finally I've found time to make it. I hope you will like it :) You can find here information about my projects done in the past and projects being under developement. Ultimate++ users will find here the newest version of my grid and date time control as well as applications created with upp technology. I also hope to put here in near future some tutorials about creating custom widgets in upp.