Ultimate++ is a modern C++ framework created by Mirek Fiedler and Tomas Rylek that consists of following parts: NTL - New Template Library, GUI library, Database and Report engines. It also provides its own IDE (TheIDE) with innovative project organisation designed for handling large projects and to bump up the speed of compilation process (BLITZ). Details can be found at upp.sourceforge.net

Before I discovered UPP I worked mainly with MFC and Borland VCL gui toolkits. I wish I knew UPP earlier... All I can say is that toolkits held me up spreading the wings. Now everything is different. I code fast and my code is cleaner and much more readable. And what's important my apps can be easily ported to others platforms - the only thing I have to do is to recompile my app on dedicated envinronment (now it is Windows and Linux). The best of all is such a powerful toolkit is completely free (BSD license).

Although UPP provides quite a lot of standard widgets there are some unavailable or without special functionality. That's why I developed my own grid control (equivalent to array control) and datetime control, kind of typical popuped calendar. You can find out more about them in proper sections of this site.

Some useful links:

Overview (describes concepts behind upp)